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The next screening will take place on Thursday 26th May at 7.00 pm, at the Cyprus Community Club of NSW (58 Stanmore Rd, Stanmore).

A selection of award-winning short films from the 38th Greek Short Film Festival in Drama, 2015.

1. Fig (Σύκο) 13’, Dir. Nikolaos Kolovos
In a remote village, an elderly man sets off on a journey to fulfil his dying wife’s last wish.
(Golden Dionysos Award & Honorary Distinction for Best Cinematography)

2. Inner land 18’, Dir. Vivian Papageorgiou
A new teacher arrives at a rural school only to discover that this small community has its own way of dealing with difference.

3.Tides – A Story Told by the Sea (Παλίρροιες – Το παραμύθι της θάλασσας) 11’,Dir. Stavrianna Litsa
A young boy’s family arrives in Lesbos as refugees and they try to locate their lost father by writing and drawing their story.
(Special Mention)

4. March 4 (4 Μαρτίου) 15’, Dir. Dimitris Nakos
A young Ukrainian immigrant, caring for an elderly woman in a provincial town, faces a moral dilemma when the woman dies.
(Honorary Distinction for Best Editing)

5. Joanna 9’, Dir. Panagiotis Fafoutis
An aging bride greets every ferryboat that arrives at the local port. Is she waiting for love or are we in another age?
(Honorary Distinction for Best Sound)

6. Prosopon: a face toward a face 5’, Dir. Thomas Thoma
Animation about a riot policeman who is forced to reveal his human face when confronted by the simple kindness of a grandmother.
(Best Student Film Award)

7. The Seed (Ο Σπόρος) 15’, Dir. Iphigenia Kotsoni
In a dystopian world set in the near future, a young woman fights against an oppressive regime in the only way she knows.
(Honorary Distinction for Best Set)

8. Downhill (Κατηφόρα) 13’, Dir. Stelios Kammitsis
On a sunny day on a road to an island port, a young man and an older woman have a painful but necessary discussion about a person close to them both.
(‘Tonia Marketaki’ Award for the best film with social context)