DRAMA 2017

The next screening will take place on Thursday 25th May at 7.00 pm, at the Cyprus Community Club of NSW (58 Stanmore Rd, Stanmore).

A selection of award-winning short films from the 39th Greek Short Film Festival in Drama:

Cube 22 ́ (Dir. Alexandros Skouras)

The homecoming of a mother’s favourite son brings to the fore the unique dysfunctions of a family.(Golden Dionysos Award)

Birthday 13 ́ (Dir. Dimitris Katsimiris)

On his twenty-second birthday, a young man with cerebral palsy will act to defend his family’s honour.(Honorary Distinction for Best Male Performance)

Twist 15 ́ (Dir. Michalis Papantonopoulos)

When seven high-school teachers meet to decide on the punishment to be meted out to a student responsible for an anti-social act, a battle of conscience and social beliefs ensues.
(Federation of Greek Film Clubs Award)

3000 20 ́ (Dir. Antonis Tsonis)

Greek-Australian Antonis Tsonis’ film conveys the tensions of contemporary Athens in a story about a young unem- ployed man desperate to help a friend battling cancer.(Special Prize)

Fox 28 ́ (Dir. Jacqueline Lentzou)

A young man, his girlfriend and two young siblings spend their last carefree summer day at home. (PanHellenic Union of Film Critics Award, ‘Tonia Marketaki’ Award for Best Female Director, Honorary Distinction for Best Sound, & Union of Greek Technicians of Cinema and Television (ETEKT) Award)

Alice in the café 18 ́ (Dir. Dimitris Nakos)

Following a chance meeting in a café, Vasilis and Alice tentatively begin a relationship that may or may not go some- where.
(Best South and Eastern European Film Award (International Competition) & Honorary Distinction for Best Editing (National Competition))



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