The Greek Film Society of Sydney Presents
 the 19th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival Regional Event, a selection of contemporary Greek documentaries.

All screenings will take place at the Cyprus Community Club of NSW, 58 Stanmore Rd, Stanmore.


Ichthys (33 ́) Dir. Christos Karalias
A Greek-American surgeon, desiring a religious life for his family, settles in Greece in a secluded estate where his children are homeschooled and grow up in an unorthodox way.

Village Potemkin (85′) Dir. Dominikos Ignatiadis
A hard and honest close-up account of a group of former drug addicts in Athens told through the camera of Dominikos who has hit rock bottom and fought his way back to staying ‘clean’.


Beatbox and Winds – Nicos Diminakis (53′) Dir. Gina Georgiadou
Infectiously enthusiastic musician and exponent of beatbox and wind instruments, Nicos Diminakis, talks passionately about his musical compositions and experimentations as he offers samples of lively and original music.

Culinary Heritage of Mount Athos (72′) Dir. Christos MatzonasAn insight into the culinary tradition of a monastery on Mount Athos through earthy demonstrations of cooking by a monk, with a background of Byzantine chanting and a stunning natural environment.

THURSDAY 20 JULY, 5.30pm

Dialogue of Berlin (80′) Dir. Nicos Ligouris
A cinematic essay that combines documentary, personal journal, fiction and philosophical contemplation on the subject of the paradoxical interplay between the cultures of the European North and South.

Every Single Day (55′) Dir. Spyros Gerousis
An upfront look at the everyday challenges faced by Greece’s young and diverse 1990s hip hop generation whose lyrics, music and graffiti deal directly with the country’s harsh realities.

Greek Animal Rescue (65′) Dir. Menelaos Karamaghiolis
A story of locals and foreigners who rescue neglected dogs in a Greek industrial wasteland, a commitment that is tested in an area of hardship and poverty.


The Glass Dragon (10′) Dir. Konstantina Ouroumi
Georgia, an adolescent who won the fight against cancer, recounts her experience and sends out a hopeful message.

String-less (86′) Dir. Angelos Kovotsos
Five women, an acapella group from Thessaloniki (in Greek, their name means hags, harridans…), surviving adversity and crisis, while creating beautiful music with a female identity. Five intimate stories + vibrant music!


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